“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” Viktor E. Frankl

I am more than just someone to listen, I can help you look at things in a different way.

Do you ever feel like you have to monitor, pull back, and even hide yourself from others?. From friends, family, acquaintances, even from yourself? Do you tend to put your needs and wants at the bottom of the list?. Are you ready to commit to you?. Together we will work side by side to help strengthen your confidence, awareness, insight, healing, and make progress within yourself. As a Certified Sex therapist, Kink knowledgeable, and Gender affirming therapist I understand that we are all different, and provide a laid back atmosphere.

I focus on helping others build an understanding about not only themselves, their identity, their relationships, and the relationship they have with sex. I also focus on weight management, the relationships they have with food, as well as their body. While utilizing evidence based practices, I strive to support, encourage, and empower you.
Depending on your physical environment, social circle, culture, heredity, and experiences. Life can look limited. Let’s continue to stay curious. There are options out there that do align with you and your values. Let’s work together resulting in a healthier and happier you.

My areas of focus & Specialty:

  • Alternative Lifestyles
    Exploring Sexuality
    Exploring Identity
    Gender Dysmorphia
    Kink Friendly
  • Family Conflict
    Religious Trauma
    Sexual Trauma
    Life’s Changes/Transitions
    Obesity/Weight Management
    Body Issues
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