“Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of being human, and it deserves to be explored and celebrated.”

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Sex Therapy:
Sex therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on addressing sexual concerns and improving sexual health and satisfaction. Sex therapists are trained mental health professionals who work with individuals to address a variety of sexual issues, including but not limited to:

Low desire
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Pain during intercourse
Difficulty reaching orgasm
Sexual addiction
Difficulty with sexual communication or intimacy

Sex therapy is typically a brief, solution-focused form of therapy that involves a combination of talk therapy and practical exercises to help individuals and couples improve their sexual functioning. Sex therapists are non-judgmental and create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their sexual concerns. They work collaboratively with clients to help them identify and overcome any barriers to sexual health and satisfaction.

My areas of focus & Specialty:

Sex TherapySex Therapy

Alternative Lifestyles
Exploring Sexuality
Exploring Identity
Gender Dysmorphia

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Family Conflict
Religious Trauma
Sexual Trauma
Life’s Changes/Transitions
Obesity/Weight Management
Body Issues

Sex Therapy
Sex TherapySex Therapy